Roza Bal is the name associated with a 2,000-year-old tomb that
holds, an unusual ‘Sword in the Stone’, carved crucifixion wounds, and the
‘Rod of Jesse’, a long staff once wrapped in an ancient scroll containing the
genealogy from Jesse (father of King David) to Jesus. Why are relics
associated with Jesus found in this tomb in India? Are they clever fakes?  I
followed the Old Silk Road across the Persian Empire, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Kashmir, India, and deep in to the Himalaya countries of Nepal
and beyond, to the lands of the Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and
Zoroastrians. More evidence exists about the life and death of Jesus here
than anywhere else in the world.
After I had begun this research, I got my own DNA test back, and this
changed everything. Unknown to me, my paternal g-grandmother was a
little Polish-Russian Ashkenazi Jewish waif named Annie Lucas, whose DNA
trail led back thousands of years to just 4 founding mothers somewhere in
the Levant, exactly where I was researching at the time. I was stunned. No
one had ever mentioned a Hebrew lineage in our family. Those who would
know are deceased. I am the clan matriarch now, the tribal elder from whom
all others are seeking their answers. This research suddenly and quite
unexpectedly became deeply personal. Now I could relate this research
directly to my ancestors, my people, my tribe.

Medizin & Gesundheit